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Video Tape Formats & Information:

Mini DV tapes are the smallest of the video formats. They take and maintain crystal clear images because of the nature of a digital format. Editing enthusiasts benefit from Mini DV as well, since copying between two units is done with no quality loss. That means edited or copied video looks and sounds every bit as good as the original footage. Mini DV tapes are available in 30, 60,63 and 80 minute lengths. You can also have Mini DV tapes transferred to VHS so you can watch them on a normal VHS VCR. Digital camcorders have the highest resolution of all the camcorders, starting at 500 lines.

DIGITAL8 is a format that is far superior to HI-8 or 8MM. Sony was the first to introduce this format and has done a great job. It is backwardly compatible, meaning that the new Digital8 camcorders and VCR's will also play your 8MM and HI-8 tapes. You do not have to buy special tapes to record in Digital8. A regular 8MM or HI-8 tape will record up to 60 minutes of digital video and audio. Because of the design, using regular tapes is not a problem, but it uses twice as much tape. A 2 hour HI-8 or 8MM tape will record 60 minutes when done in the Digital mode and records up to 500 lines of resolution.

HI-8 camcorders record their signal at about 400 lines of resolution, slightly less than Mini DV, but substantially higher than 8mm or regular VHS formats. Most often, HI-8 camcorders record sound in hi-fi stereo. Slight quality loss is suffered when copying or editing from HI-8, but a better than average image is maintained.
Tapes from HI-8 camcorders generally must be played using the camera as the source, which means the user often must connect cables to their television or VCR. HI-8 tapes can be bought in 30, 60, and 120-minute lengths.

Video8(8MM)camcorders often have many of the best features found in higher priced HI-8 units, including image stabilization, strong optical and digital zooms and innovative special effects. Regular 8mm tapes are the exact size and shape as their HI8 counterparts, but record video at a lower resolution level, and therefore, are less expensive than camcorders which product better image quality. 8mm can record for up to 2 hours and has a resolution of 270 lines.
HI-8 and regular Video8(8MM) tapes cannot be put into a standard VHS video recorder, a common misconception. There are no adapters to achieve this. They must be transferred to VHS in order to be viewed on a regular VCR.

VHS-C and full size VHS record at a slightly lower resolution than Video8(8MM). A standard T-120 VHS tape has a recording time of 2 hrs, and the resolution is 250 lines. Their appeal, or course, is the convenience of easy playback. The large VHS camcorders are almost a thing of the past at this point. There are still a few models available, but their substantial size and weight make them a difficult sell against smaller camcorders. VHS/C compact models, on the other hand, remain a popular choice, offering many of the same key features as Video8(8MM) camcorders, at an equally affordable price.

SVHS(Super VHS) , a full-size format with resolution similar to that of HI-8, is virtually out of the consumer camcorder market. The format still is a strong player in the industrial market, but its future may be bleak with the release of newer and better digital formats. This format is used for videographers mostly for shooting and editing. The S stands for super, as the resolution jumps from the VHS standard of 250 lines to around 400 lines. Unfortunately, most VCR's will not play a super VHS tape and has to be transferred to a regular VHS format in order for it to be viewed on non-S-VHS machines.
Camcorder users who prefer to insert their video tapes directly into their VCR may want to consider using the VHS/C compact format. VHS/C is regular VHS video tape wound into a smaller cartridge.
Since the cartridge is smaller, the length of VHS/C tape is limited to a maximum of 45 minutes - though longer times can be achieved using a long play mode, the quality usually is poor compared to the faster (sp) speed. The compact tapes are inserted into your VCR using a cassette adapter which comes with each VHS/C camera. Once inserted, the tape plays just like any other VHS tape you’ve ever used.

MICROMV cassettes are 70% smaller than MiniDV tapes.
Beyond its diminutive size, the MICROMV cassette provides up to 60 minutes of high-quality, digital video footage and adds a 64-kb memory chip, offering 16 times the amount of memory storage available on a premium MiniDV cassette. TheSony Camcorders with Bluetooth Technology memory chip allows for a multi-search function that lets users access different sections of the tape as they would a DVD by creating thumbnail images of all of the recorded scenes on the tape. The thumbnail images are created from the start of every recorded scene. Users can engage the multi-picture search function, scan the entire tape in four minutes - 15 times the average speed - and instantly access the scene of their choice.
To further enhance the user experience, thumbnail images can be titled with either pre-set captions or customized descriptions, so "New Years Eve" footage is easily distinguishable from that of "Our Super Bowl Party."
Each time a MICROMV cassette is inserted into the camcorder, cassette information is displayed on the LCD showing the first date of use, last date of use, how much recording space is available on the tape, and titling capability so you can name your videotape. This feature eliminates the need to search through a box of unlabeled tapes to find specific video footage.
MICROMV Camcorders: PC-Friendly, High-Quality MPEG2.
The system is based on its use of a sophisticated MPEG2 recording system. First-class digital video is recorded in MPEG2 with a data transfer rate of 12Mbps. Since MPEG2 has a bit-rate that is less than half that of the MiniDV or Digital8® format, MICROMV videos take up less hard drive space and are easier to manage. MPEG2's compression system allows for the use of much more compact media. It also sets a new standard in picture and audio quality, and enables quick PC-based non-linear editing using simple drag-and-drop techniques.

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