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Online video encoding and video formats conversion are some of the most time consuming tasks an online video publisher has to confront himself with. But a new online service from Europe puts an end to this huge time waster once and for all. Small online video publishers can rejoice at one of the most interesting and valuable 2.0 tools to pop-up in recent times and one that I personally believe will find immediate acceptance, success and growth.

First scooped on our Sunday Sharewood Picnic two weeks ago, the new Hey!Watch online video conversion and encoding platform is truly a video production bonanza especially for those small to medium-sized online publishers who, without having a large stuff, struggle everyday with the many video production chores.

The newly launched web-based service, which requires no software downloads or lengthy registrations, allows you to immediately start transcoding your preferred video files into just about any video file format you may need, from Quicktime .mov to Windows .wmv and to the increasingly popular Adobe Flash .flv video format.

All of the video encoding and conversion is done online without utilizing any of the local processing power or physical storage space of your local computer (be that a Linux, Mac or PC machine). You simply upload your video clips (with no limitations in size - the only limit is in video duration - 25 mins.) and then decide to which video format you want the clip to be converted to. You also have the option of selecting the specific video codec that will be using for video encoding.

Hey!Watch hosts for you both the original and the newly transcoded video files for a limited time: between 6 and 24 hrs depending on whether the file is the original video file submitted or a converted copy and depending on whether you have signed up for a free account or for the moderately priced, professional one.

As Hey!Watch has not been designed to be a video hosting or sharing service but an online video encoding and video conversion platform, its use and application is again focused on streamlining the frustrating job of easily converting video material in one of the dozen video file formats available today. Period.

Released in the last few days of 2006, Hey!Watch is the fruit of one year of hard work by a small company in Marseille, France, called Particles. To them goes a real big applause from all those, like us, increasingly involved and working with online video.

Here's a detailed review:

Video encoding in any format you want

Hey!Watch can convert video files in a great number of video formats. The raw number of video standards and codecs is quite impressive and it will certainly satisfy most of the users for which this service has been designed for.

Here the most popular video formats already supported:
.flv (Adobe Flash), .asf (Microsoft), .mov (Quicktime), .rm (Real Media), .avi (Uncompressed standard), .mp4 (mpeg4).

3g2 (3G), 3gp, psp.

mpeg, mjpeg, mpeg2video, mpegts.

dvd (DVD), svcd, vcd, vob.


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