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Convert/Digitize Super VHS Tape to DVD-Video in Singapore

Despite its designation as the logical successor to VHS, S-VHS(Super VHS) did not come close to replacing VHS. In the home market, S-VHS failed to gain significant market share. For various reasons, consumers were not interested in paying more for an improved picture. Likewise, S-VHS rentals and movie sales did very poorly. A few prerecorded movies were released to S-VHS, but poor market acceptance prompted studios to transition their high-end product from S-VHS(Super VHS) to Laserdisc.

In the camcorder role, the smaller form (S-VHS-C/Super VHS-C) camcorder enjoyed limited success among home video users. It was more popular for the amateur video industry, as it allowed for at least second generation copies at reasonable quality (necessary for editing). JVC, Panasonic, and Sony have sold industrial S-VHS(Super VHS) decks for amateur and semi-professional production use. Some Public-access television stations and other low-budget cable TV venues used the S-VHS format, both for acquisition and subsequent studio editing, but the network studios largely avoided S-VHS, as descendants of the more expensive Betacam format had already become a de facto industry standard. S-VHS-C competed directly with Hi8, the latter offering smaller cassettes, longer running time, and ultimately selling much better.

As of 2007, consumer S-VHS VCRs were still available, but difficult to find in retail outlets. The largest VCR manufacturers, such as Matsushita (Panasonic) and Mitsubishi, gradually moved to DVD recorders, and hard-disk based DVRs. DVD/VCR combo units rarely offered S-VHS, only VHS. In the mainstream consumer camcorder market, DV, DVD, and—eventually—solid state memory-based camcorders replaced S-VHS-C camcorders. Digital camcorders generally outperform S-VHS-C units in most technical aspects: audio/video quality, recording time, lossless duplication, and form-factor. The videotapes themselves are available, mostly by mail order or online, but are vanishingly rare in retail channels, and substantially more expensive than high-quality standard VHS media.

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