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Welcome to Tangerine Associate - Video/Audio/Photo Conversion Services.
We specialize in All kinds of Video Tapes (VHS/VHS-C/S-VHS(Super VHS)/Video8/Hi8/Digital8/MiniDV/ MicroMV) to DVD-video/Mp4/Mov/Mpeg2 & many digital formats conversion. Audio cassette/LP (Vinyl Record) to high quality audioCD/MP3/Wav/Wma/Digital. Photos/Negatives/Slides to jpeg. And convert/digitize video CD/DVD-video to Mp4, Mov,...

No hassle...
Our professional high-quality hardware-based MPEG-2 encoder (worth $2100+) with the ability to filter, stabilize and enhance analog source video prior to MPEG encoding.

We provide high quality encoded DVD/VCD at low prices.
The price is inclusive of reliable branded DVD/CD disk.

"Send your video tapes to us today, no matter how old are them
(35 years old tape had been converted by us). Even video tapes were full of mold and ripped."

Call +65 90660631 for services now.

Preserve Your Sweet and Precious Moments

Convert (digitize) your precious Wedding, Baby, Family, Birthday, Travel, Graduations, Sporting Events etc. movies from tapes into reliable DVDs/VCDs.

Preserve your events may come once in a lifetime forever.

Repair Video Tapes for Free!

Precious video tape broken? Well...don't throw it away, we can rejoin your tape for free if you let us convert/digitize this video tape to Mp4 or DVD-video.

Remember, 90% of them can be restored !
That will be no charged if the tape is unable converted to DVD.

Converting Video Tape to Mp4/DVD
at only S$19.00 (-30mins) !

Special offer for a video conversion from video tape to DVD-video or Digital if less than 30 minutes video. You will pay for less than an hour video conversion.
The price is inclusive of DVD disk.

Digitize Your Precious
Photos/Negatives/Slides to jpeg

We brings new life back to your old memories. Photos/negatives(135 film/35mm film)/slides(positive film) do not last forever and as they sit out of sight in a cabinet they are deteriorating a bit more each day. There are endless dangers that put your photos at risk and the only way to guarantee the safety of your memories is to preserve them digitally.

You are able to view your digital photos on your mobile phone, computer and many other devices after you convert them to jpeg.

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Mobile: +65 90660631 Singapore